Leadsdoit Performance Team
We are one of the most successful media buying team in affiliate marketing
What we do
Mobile Traffic / IOS
Paid traffic from App store
Organic traffic from App Store
Paid traffic from Google search
Mobile Traffic / Android
Organic traffic from Google Play
Paid traffic from Google search
Web Traffic
PPC / Brand Search
Paid traffic from Google Search
PPC / Category Search
Paid traffic from Google Search
Paid traffic from Google search
We produce real results for gambling businesses
traffic sources with proved efficiency
users with high player value and retention rate
custom brand approach and marketing solutions
Why choose us
We give players real at hand experience
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We use the technology of hybrid mobile apps giving the user opportunity to have constant access to your offer on their device. This type of traffic has high player value because the user plays on your product while he has the application installed. Also, the application sends push notifications which allows to return users to the game all the time.
We work with WW GEO
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Our lead generation solutions allow to acquire players from different countries around the world. We know how to develop and implement media buying strategies that are tailored to the specific local regulations.
We develop a lot
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iOS - More than 50 apps monthly.
Android - More than 100 apps monthly.
All this is done by our internal development teams.
We are efficient
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LATAM - 60k FTD monthly.
CIS - 8k FTD monthly.
EUROPE - 8k FTD monthly.
NORTH AMERICA and OCEANIA - 10k FTD monthly.
We are flexible
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CPA/RS/Hybrid model
Brands we perform
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